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This Year i have been working towards my new EXHIBITION. I have called it 'emotions' as a painting creates such much. my work is predominantly of sky lines and i spend an awful lot of time looking at skies and totally bewitched by the beauty that is there in front of you. living in suffolk allows us to see such beautiful skies with the expanse of rolling,relatively flat country side. let alone the beauty of the east coast. the vast expanse of open water, sky and the changing of seasons gives us a never ending slide show of natures beauty. the range of emotions that roll and crash through the sky i find fascinating.  

I spend time on my paintings building up layers over several days and i love working the paint into frenzy of texture to give the painting depth.

Every painting is created from emotions within. with a slight appearance of truth from a familiar view but with an interpretation from the mood that day, to the love of a place or from a thought that been provoked.

if only we could stay in that place of beauty but sometimes the nearest you get is capturing a slither for keepsakes.