Let the Countdown Begin...

Let the count down begin..

So with only 2 days until my exhibition the list seems endless of things to do and the butterflies are working over time! 

However, it will be fantastic and hopefully will be able to raise some money for a good cause. 

The charity I am working with is Action Medical Childrens Research. It is a fantastic UK run charity that funds vital research to help sick and disabled babies and children. The charity strives to change and save lives through medical research, developing treatments, vaccinations and cures.

I came across this charity when my son was little and was failing to grow. After several trips to the doctors and no explanation to its cause I realised i needed to research into his condition. He was healthy and happy but not growing which was worrying. we finally had video evidence to show his sleep apnea, which finally flagged up the problem. It was something that that the doctors weren't familiar with and only through talking to someone from ACTION did they inform me of the money that was being ploughed into research on sleep apnea. 

It was a relief to me to hear that research was being done about it, and will hopefully prevent other children from being under diagnosed for the amount of time my son was. The 2 yrs of not growing he has still not caught up with. Hopefully thanks to research these new and unknown illnesses can be researched and treated earlier. This is just one out of millions of unknown or underfunded research tests that need our support. We need to protect our children for the future.

My exhibition will be supporting Action and a raffle for 2 of my paintings will be drawn on Thursday 19th at The Ufford Crown, Ufford, IP126EL. All proceeds to the charity.

Come, Buy for a good cause.


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