Onwards and Upwards..

So,  the craziness of life,  and feeling that you are on a wheel that is going so fast you may just fall off.  Wondering has someone changed the gear setting or are you just peddling a little harder and faster.

Not be one to turn down life going a little faster but did I really set myself up for this.... Yes you did.... And I bloody love it. All be it feeling frazzled at the moment with my exhibition only a day away.

I am frantically trying to finish of final pieces, sign paintings, deliver leaflets, decide wether to frame or not to frame and not to mention sourcing Easels....arghhh. Doing an exhibition in a location other than a gallery comes with its problems.. where to put the paintings with out planting craters in walls and lighting. How is your work going to be viewed off a wall and precise lighting.. At about midnight last night I bite the bullet and bought a collection of easels and lights. What these will be like is beyond me and could cause a domino effect. But, one has to have faith in the sauntering viewer/buyer. So , I live in hope that no calaminities and a successful viewing is achieved. 

As I frantically search my mind for the final things to tick off my list and peel a piece of masking tape from a piece of work that is unfinished I come to the conclusion that you can't do everything. So I shall give this painting the time it deserves, rest my paint brushes, spatulas and palette. Enjoy what is here now, look forward what is to come and It shall be the start of new work for my next exhibition.

Until then I shall continue ticking tasks off the list, embrace the moment, embellish the opportunities and set the stage to indulge the audience for tomorrows exhibition.

In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi may the force be with us.

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