Success on All Levels

So just over 2 weeks ago my exhibition took place at The Ufford Crown ( It was a crazy week of finishing, organising and general worry. But, with the help and support of my friends we managed to succeed on so many levels. 

My first painting was sold prior to the exhibition and was sold to a dear friend who gave me constructive criticism, which I took on board. She gave me huge encouragement and gave me the momentum to drive hard for the exhibition 'Emotions'. 

The rest of the evening was a whirlwind of thought provoking emotions, conversation, learning, kindness and discovery.

I sold several paintings, agreed to some commissions and fantastically we raised nearly £700 for ACTION medical research for children.

I felt exhilarated, privileged and grateful.  I like the fact people start talking about a painting. Conversations start, points of views are made. Friendships discovered. Creativity shared and hopefully new doors opened. Is that not what arts about????? Is that not what is the true beauty of organic communication. We need to embrace our senses.

Exhibiting your work and taking the painting from your easel at home( for your eyes only) to putting yourself out there exposing your soul on canvas to the public is an emotional roller coaster. Of course we believe in ourselves otherwise we wouldn't continue doing the same thing. But there is always the fear of exceptance. From our child hood memories of wanting exceptance  from family, friends, peers and continueing to our adulthood. We mostly choose to do things that we can hide behind someone or at least lean closely to some one. But to stand alone is nerve racking but equally an exhilirating experience. To push yourself to the unknown and allow critism in, is something I think you learn with age and it doesn't scare you as maybe it once did. However, inturn the realisation that no-one is perfect and certainly with art, the beauty is in the eye of beholder. I know some people may think my work is bloody awful and others love it. What's important is I love it, love painting it, love looking harder at whats around me, and with that I am happy. To be rewarded with others enthusiasm and praise is a blessing. Its back to that feeling of exceptance in a field that is new and gigantic. With the positive energy we receive we must drive forward, and to negative criticism we have to learn and evolve. It's all good. Now for the next step..... what little treasures will be hiding around the next corner??!!